Hi, I'm Judy


Hi, I’m Judy

I am a coach who allows her client to be whoever she is meant to be.  I listen to her story, her challenges, her desires and her vision for what she wants to reach in health and ultimately in life. I want her to discover what her big “WHY” is.  

NASM Certified Personal Trainer
NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist​
Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified
Precision Nutrition Level 2 Certified

When it comes to my health and wellness, I have experienced both spectrums.  In the early years, I completely neglected the importance of staying active and eating healthy. The consequences were apparent when depression and lack of motivation started to peek their ugly heads.  It was during this awakening moment that I realized it was up to me to make a change.  And so I did.  The transformational journey in my forties was life-changing! It felt like such a great victory paired with a sense of being reborn. It brought new levels of energy, positivity, and vibrance.  Fitness quickly became a way of life, and my life started to revolve around exercising and watching what I ate.   I have also experienced the other side of the coin where I took my transformation a little too far to the side of rigidity and self-deprivation. Too obsessed with adding muscle and maintaining low body fat percentages. The way I looked was more important to me than how I felt. I identified with how fit I presented myself, which was by no means a standard of how healthy I was.

You see, a fit-looking person is not always a healthy one. Read On...

I have learned that it is all about finding balance.  Balance in a healthy mind, healthy body, and yes…healthy soul. Because our soul is the purest part of our being.  By nurturing our body and mind, we allow ourselves to reconnect with the innermost essence of who we really are.

I am passionate about helping women find their radiance again… in their body, mind, and soul.  We have so so much to give… yet we forget to give to ourselves. 

My intention is to guide women committed to optimizing their quality of life through good nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, and healthy habit strategies. Allowing these daily changes will eventually transform their lifestyle and identity for the best version of themselves.

Thrive with Judy calls on women committed to making a shift and reclaim their radiance…empowering them to take control of their wellness and vitality.  I am a coach who encompasses everything… from finding your inner beauty first and loving who you are right now to creating your vision for the future YOU. I will guide you, and I will hold you accountable to carry out all the steps to take you to that future YOU!

Hi!  I am Judy!  People say I radiate calmness, stability, and nurturing. Little do they know there is a wild side in me as well.  A part that wants to explore and experience the unimaginable.  A side of me that wants to learn and evolve in areas I have not yet explored.  I want to taste all that this planet has to offer..in full appreciation and curiosity.  I am here to learn, I am here to love, and I am here to serve…

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