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January is a popular time to set new goals and expectations for the year ahead, whether this is about losing weight, working out more, quitting smoking, or saving money. We start with the best intentions, full of enthusiasm, and a strategy in place. Yet research shows that of the 50 percent of adults in the United States who make New Year’s resolutions, fewer than 10 percent keep them for more than a few months.

My intention is not to discourage you. On the contrary, I want you to be successful in accomplishing your goals AND keep them! Realizing your vision of becoming the healthy and energetic version of yourself is what I wish for you.

You see, giving up on New Year’s resolutions is often related to these three issues. Difficulty breaking old habits and adopting new ones, focusing on specific outcomes and unrealistic expectations, and problems with purpose.

Knowing this, we can definitely adjust our approach and create excellent and lasting results. I would love to share a few thoughts that I believe could help you be successful. They are just a few mindset changes that can help you along the way.

First, find your purpose! Instead of focusing on a specific outcome like losing 20 pounds, place yourself into the deeper meaning of why you want to transform your body composition. Reflect on your deeper why.  If you solely set the goal of losing 20 pounds without a purpose, you may be more likely to eventually fall back into old habits and not sustain long-term weight loss.  Focusing on being healthier rather than achieving a specific weight goal will make you more likely to maintain your healthy habits. Plus, there is the added bonus that the journey will be more enjoyable and relaxed. For example, make the goal: “I want to feel healthy and energetic so that I can participate in all the fun summer activities my family is planning.”

Accept that transformation is a journey and not a fast track to becoming someone else. Be patient and be accepting of yourself. Try to embrace the fact that change will bring along plenty of setbacks and challenges. Resilience and perseverance will be put to the test. You will have to work on yourself a little each and every day. Building one brick on top of the other. True transformation starts by seeing yourself. Who are you? What do you believe in? What is it that you want? Are you ready to attain that what you want? Are you willing to do what it takes to achieve that what you want? And, most importantly are you able to take all the steps that will lead you to where you want to be? Transformation is a journey rather than a destination. 

Create an environment that is motivating and challenges you to do better. I love the idea of being part of a group of people that share the same goals, and you can hold each other accountable. Another good option is to hire a coach to guide you and keep you accountable. I find that hiring a coach is not an expense but rather an investment into your success. I have hired my share of coaches and personal trainers to help me along. They have been a catalyst to many milestones that I have been able to reach.

Know that NOBODY is the same. Realize that what works for your friends may not work for you. This allows you the opportunity to find all there is to know about YOU. What does your body like or dislike? How do you function? What makes you tick, and what causes you stress? What do your living conditions look like? How busy are you? Do you have an environment that is motivating (the supportive partner?)  Taking all these factors into consideration is very important. It’s about finding out how to incorporate all the internal and external elements in your life as part of your health goals. Be cognizant of your life circumstances, and what you can do. Do not put too much pressure and try to fit something in your current lifestyle that just isn’t going to work. What do I mean by that? Be realistic in your expectations of yourself. Do what you can, not what you think you should because it’s been told or because others are doing it.

Lastly, consider approaching HEALTH & WELLBEING as a holistic integration of Body, Mind, and Soul. I like to coach my clients on a concept called THE 5 PILLARS TO A SUCCESSFUL TRANSFORMATION.

  1. Honor and respect yourself and your body.  Accept where you are at this moment
  2. Create the vision of the new you, AND start shifting your identity to be that person 
  3. Choose the tools that work for YOU!
  4. Commit, Take Action and Be consistent!
  5. Listen to the messages your body is signaling to you. Bio Feedback signals such as Digestion, Recovery, Energy, Appetite/Hunger, Mood, and Sleep are essential to discover how your body responds and metabolizes.

I am offering FREE Coaching sessions to help you on your way to set tangible goals for 2022. There are still a few spots available, and I would be delighted to help you be successful in your Health and Wellbeing endeavors.

60-minute FREE coaching sessions will be available between December 1, 2021 and January 15, 2022.  Bookings must be made at least 24 hours in advance.  Limit one session per person.

In our call we will explore: How you currently feel.  What your beliefs are when it comes to your health and fitness. What motivates you? Have you set any goals? What do you hope to accomplish in 2022?  



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