Lately I have been feeling sexual and sensual….and it feels wonderful! I am single, I do not have a partner that would provoke these feelings.  Yet, I am feeling erotic, feminine and radiant!

I feel sexy because I feel desirable

I feel sexy because I feel confident once again (it has been a long time….)

I feel sexy because I focus on things that make me feel confident and desirable..

Ladies, I do believe that we can create this for ourselves.  We do not need to depend on others to make us feel good..we can do this for ourselves and take control of our needs and desires.  As soon as we realize how deserving we are of self-love and self-care, and we begin to see our body for the beauty and radiance it exudes, we can achieve confidence and sensuality.  We will attract…..

Let me share some of the routines I have been practicing: 

First and foremost, I nourish my body with fresh and wholesome food as much as possible.  Feeling radiant comes from the inside out. This means that I eat mindfully and choose the better options as part of my diet.  I make sure that I hydrate and feed my body the nutrients that it needs.

I make it a point to make physical movement part of my daily practice.  This can be in the form of walks, yoga, weight training…anything that focuses on keeping my body in shape, and my mind alert. 

I start the day with my gratitude practice.  I see the beauty in my surroundings, the people I meet and people I love…This has helped me get through days that were not always as rosy and bright.

I allow myself lots of self care either in the morning or in the evening, and sometimes both. This is time away from any electronic devices, away from e-mails, text messages..this time is just for me.  Every now and then, I make an environment that is aesthetically pleasing.  As I light candles, burn incense, and apply a sultry scent to my skin, I am surrounded by a warm, sensual aroma.  There are times when I wear pretty lingerie that makes me feel comfortable and sensual all at once. . 

Okay…so truthfully these are not the only things I have been doing.  The other day, I stumbled upon a workshop for women called “Waves of Pleasure – the Art of Orgasmic Self Pleasure”  Hmmm…this was definitely something I wanted to check out.  Why not? I have been feeling increasingly sensual lately, so why not explore my body for my own pleasure? 

Unfortunately, many of us see the act of self pleasure as something shameful. There is shame and guilt around touching our erogenous zones and paying attention to the many beautiful areas of our body.  In spite of this, after an hour spent learning how to reclaim self pleasure as a healing practice, connecting to what is really good for me, and tuning into what feels good, I knew I had to embrace these waves of pleasure as part of my self love routine.   

So, from now on I will discover what feels good to me, discovering it with my own soft flowing touch…being present within my body, and tune into the sensations, my pleasure areas….This means not only touching the genital area, but every other area that is sensitive to the touch that gives pleasure.  It allows me to explore my body and discover where and how I like to be touched… I hope it will make me feel even more magnetic and alive, and emanate an inner glow that is irresistible. 

If you are ready to take the journey of self exploration, I invite you to check out Bibi Brzozka’s website


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