I had the tendency of prioritizing work and career above everything else, and I felt like I didn’t have “enough time” to do the necessary health practice. Throughout my sessions with Judy, I got to explore various options and learned to approach this from a playful mindset, rather than a burden. I loved how she focused on “what feels good”, rather than the ideal fitness prescription. Taking those baby steps really what made the difference. Colorful meal prep practice was probably my favorite 

Now I genuinely enjoy being in the kitchen and taking the time to cook and being more mindful of my nutrition intake.

If you want to transform your outlook towards self-care and jump start your health & fitness practice, Judy is a safe space and an incredible cheerleader for your transformational journey.

Inez Natalia

Judy, I’m at a loss for words as to how much you’ve impacted my life! You are an amazing coach and I appreciate the time we’ve spent together and the progress you have helped me to accomplish. You are inspiring, positive, encouraging, and full of knowledge.  I always look forward to our sessions. Working with you has been a life changing experience. Not only has my way of looking at nutrition changed, but I realize that my self care is so important to be there for the people I love too.  I feel happier, I actually look forward to my day and I feel good and pain free. You have given me all the tools to help me with my goals. THIS is what a coach should do. You are indeed exceptional!

Maria Gerardo

Before working with Judy I had let myself slip back into some not-so-healthy habits of processed food and skimping on workouts.  Not only did Judy help me shift my perspectives on cooking and workouts, she made the shift easy and fun. Now my weeks include time to have delicious and healthy meals on hand and my workouts are more consistent and more creative and varied.  These new habits have helped me maintain a healthy weight along with my positive mindset. Thank you Judy! 

Christine Howard

Leadership and Lifestyle Coach, Radiant Achievement

I could not recommend Judy Loe more highly.  She combines genuine caring and interest in her clients with a wide variety of skills and knowledge.   I’ve been surprised numerous times to find out that Judy knows one more new and different thing to help me get where I want to be.  And . . . she’s got more than superficial platitudes to offer.  Aside from being knowledgeable, I appreciate that Judy is 100 % present and always listening carefully during our sessions –  I’ve NEVER had the feeling that Judy is just going thru the motions or not really fully involved when we’re working together.   I came to Judy pretty motivated and I know that the success I’ve had since working with Judy would never have happened on my own.   She’s made a HUGE difference in my life !!!

Scott Andreiko

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